New Year

1 week. 5 nights. 5 opportunities to discover a new experience this year.

Monday: January 14, 2013

Intro to Suspension Yoga

Beatrix Montanile

Instructor and CEO at The Flying Yogi



This workshop introduces safe and effective use of the OmGym Suspension Yoga Sling. Participants will discover how inversions and aerial movements decompress the spine, strengthen the core and achieve deep delicious stretches formerly only dreamed of. With the support of the OmGym Sling you will also be able to enter more advanced yoga poses that you may have never been able to arrive at before... safely. After 2 hours you will leave feeling invigorated, inspired, relaxed and yes, even a little bit taller!

Where: Leslieville

When: Mon, Jan 14, 7-9pm

Cost: $28

Tuesday: January 15, 2013

3D Printing for Total Beginners

Matthew Compeau

Creates 3D printed jewellery at HotPopFactory



Come play with our 3D printer. We’ll show you how it works and teach you how to design your own 3D printable objects. We’ll explain how this technology is disrupting industries and how we’ve built a small business around it. At the end of the workshop you’ll have your own designs 3D printed for you to keep!

Where: Uniiverse HQ (St. Lawrence)

When: Tues, Jan 15, 6-9pm

Cost: $39

Wednesday: January 16, 2013

Digital Camera Basics: a DSLR Workshop

Michael O'brien

Professional Photographer


Did you recently buy a fancy new digital SLR camera? Have no idea what all those dials and buttons do? Wondering why your pictures are dark, blurry, or just plain boring? This workshop is for you. We start at the very beginning and class sizes are kept small to encourage student interaction. The course teaches the working basics of digital photography by combining theory and hands on exercises and helps beginners or those who want to brush up on the basics.

Where: Uniiverse HQ (Near St. Lawrence)

When: Weds, Jan 16, 7-9pm

Cost: $40

Thursday: January 17, 2013

Intro to Silkscreening Workshop

Kingi Carpenter

Owner of Peach Berserk



Learn something new and sign up for Peach Berserk's popular Mini Introductory Silkscreen Workshop! Everyone will make a print and print on fabric we give you – and anything else you bring in to print on!! All supplies are included. All attendees will recieve our SilkscreenNOW book/DVD. It's a great way to try silkscreening, and maybe see if you like it enough to take our full day class. Either way, it will be a blast, and Cheezies for everyone!!!

Where: Liberty Village

When: Thurs, Jan 17, 6-9pm

Cost: $49

Friday: January 18, 2013

An Evening of Molecular Cuisine

Chef John Placko

Culinary Director of Modern Culinary Academy



Molecular cuisine is the intersection between culinary arts and food science. It entails is use of unique equipment and ingredients to create interesting tastes and textures. Join us for a evening of education, fun and great tasting creations with unique appearances and textures. You'll even be able to try your hand at some techniques. You'll see how the best restaurants in the world today create some of their signature dishes. Brought to you by DeathRowMeals.

Where: Uniiverse HQ (Near St. Lawrence)

When: Fri, Jan 18, 7-9pm

Cost: $70

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