Senior Software Developer (Full Stack)


As a full stack developer, you're passionate about shipping code that draws upon the entirety of Uniiverse's sophisticated tech stack. You will be driving development of features such as our business logic, payment interfaces and social network integrations. You'll integrate with external APIs, as well as our internal homegrown search, graph, and billing API. You'll write beautiful code including automated tests. You have a strong sense of design and care strongly about UI/UX. You're a product person and part "growth hacker", always thinking about conversion, retention and viral sharing levels.

Join us in changing the world

Imagine building a web platform that will change the way people think and improve how they live their lives.

Uniiverse is a funded startup backed by sophisticated angel investors. We are building the social marketplace for real life activities and services. Our primary dimensions are social, local and temporal. For more information, watch these videos:

You must be passionate about the above, a positive, driven and motivated individual, and excited about building high-quality product.


We're flexible but looking to grow our team immediately


  • Product development: thought partner and shape design and functionality of our product
  • User experience: Design and implement A/B testing environments, iterate on product based on data-driven decisions using Mixpanel and homebrew analytics
  • Integration: Connect with external APIs from social networks, payment gateways, and advertisers
  • Growth hacking: Identify opportunities and iterate on the product to increase conversions, retention, and viral reach

Back-end tech that we love

  • Ruby on Rails, Sinatra
  • MongoDB, Neo4j, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Redis
  • RSpec
  • Sidekiq, Resque
  • REST, OAuth, Facebook Graph, Twitter, Google+ APIs
  • Node.js, Phantom.js
  • AWS

Front-end tech that we love

  • Ember.js
  • JavaScript, jQuery
  • Mocha, Testacular, Chai
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • HAML, SASS, Handlebars

You must be

  • Excited about building quality product
  • An independent, fast-learning, self starter who takes ownership over solving ambiguous problems
  • Energetic, passionate (does not matter about what!), and driven

Desired skills & experience

  • Proficient in Ruby 1.9 and Rails 3
  • Experienced in Ember.js (or Backbone.js)
  • Excited about BDD, automated deployment, fixing bugs, and shipping code

About Uniiverse

Uniiverse is a social marketplace for people to share real life activities and services. Our vision is to encourage real life interactions in today’s increasingly virtual world and to help people live better, together. The company believes everyone has something unique to offer and share. We are backed by a group of sophisticated investors, and growing rapidly.


Please email jobs@uniiverse.com with your CV, links to your GitHub, LinkedIn, Twitter, and technical blog.

Referral bonus

$2,000* if the person you recommend is hired.

* Payable for full time employee hires (i.e. contractors and freelancers excluded), for this particular dev position, after the completion of any probationary period, if applicable. Does not apply to candidates with whom Uniiverse was already in contact.